The Church of Jim is immersive theatre come alternative comedy; it's a riotous warm cuddle; a party wrapped up in the guise of cult worship; it's like Vic and Bob on acid.

Set in a absurd dystopia, in which the audience are the newest members of an illicit cult. The work - and the cult - confront the chaos of contemporary politics while building a sense of togetherness and exploring the human need for security and answers.

We are supported by:
Venues North Edinburgh Fringe 2017 (pg.34)
Third Angel Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations

“The Church of Jim is a bizarre and wonderful theatre offering
that leaves you delighted and disturbed.”

The Church of Jim has been platformed at: Theatre Deli’s ‘Rise Up At Night’ season 2017
Room Festival 2017 at artsdepot, London
and was scratched at
Unaccompanied Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield,
‘Saturday Live!’ The Bare Project’s scratch night
Sharp Teeth, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
as well as The Church of Jim’s audio-drama works & TV pilot for Sheffield Live!

Media Contact
Alfie Heffer - Producer
+44 7812 952 840

Forest Sounds Theatre create fantastical live experiences with a political or social motivation at their heart. Our work revolves around collaboration and experimenting with theatre to create new performative environments that explore our world.